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traditional and xenophobic society in remote rural villages with only landlocked mountainous environment with a population density very low the connectivity is almost nonexistent. if you look to the future of the plan at what will happen after afghanistan is over and we move to the next round of conflict you will find that is not it at all but much more on the urban coastal and very highly connected environment. we will do a lot of the same things we have done. 80% of conflict is and always has been a regular in nature one of the main combatants is almost the non armed group more precisely with u.s. military history there is a specific repeated patent that we do a barge scale operation about once every 20 or 25 years also the size of kosovo about every five or 10 years and that pattern goes right back to the middle of the 19th century and it is completely independent of policy makers preferences. somebody say to the president say we would get out of this business? he is the seventh president to say the same statement over 80 years and there is no effect whether he wants to do it or not o
with the political case he's making that he's a steward of the environment. >> margaret, thanks so much. >> you it. ♪ >>> and now to our signature segment featuring in-depth reporting from around the nation and from around the world. for years now energy companies have been drilling underground to extract natural gas using a process known as fracking and for just as long, many environmentalists have insisted that it's just not that safe. we look at an unlikely coalition that has formed in pennsylvania between some environmental lifts and a number of oil and gas companies. they say it will allow fracking to continue and ensure that safeguards are taken. rick carr reports. >> environmentalists have been protesting against fracking in pennsylvania ever since the natural gas boom about ten years ago. >> a resounding no to fracking in our parks. >> reporter: their main concern is that the chemicals pumped into wells at high pressure to extract the gas will leak or spill into lakes and streams. advocates of fracking say the threat of contamination has been grossly exaggerated but environmentalists say
in a mediated environment. we need people to tell us whether the information we are leaking is important to not, whether it is private or not. no one wants their e-mail read if it is not done legally but -- >> even if it is. >> probably right. >> other aspects of this make it so hard. particularly in the information sharing bucket where we are trying to figure out what information can or should be shared. getting a base line of what the information is, what it is is very difficult in a technophobia world. >> i have trouble seeing you. do you have anything to add on the privacy issue and legal concerns that have been raised? >> where you started was i have something to contribute to this debate. i hope it is a point of this audience will appreciate. my title is associate general counsel, not director of strategy and policy so people in think tanks can debate the subjects, our role is trying to help with legal ways to move forward. in terms of privacy protection and information sharing the information sharing cornerstone of it has got to the trust and confidence in one another so privacy protecti
to be in school. these are children who need to be in a protective environment. and if we don't take steps now to get them back into school, the 2 million children i mentioned that have dropped out inside syria, 500,000 outside syria, then they will not be in a position to help rebuild the country in the future. when they become the adults of the future, it's extremely important that we do everything possible today to focus not only on life-saving needs, which are critical, but also on education and protection so we don't have a lost generation. >> so the most urgent is this preparation for winter. and in the long run, it's worth -- we have to think about this chronic situation as a lost generation? >> that's correct. that's correct. we need to deal with some immediate needs related to winterization, related to immunization. and at the same time, we need to understand that we're facing a crisis that is in its third year that children who have dropped out of school need to get back into education, back into learning so that we can have them be able to contribute to the future of syria and the s
. >> which is not what it is in the criminal environment. >> exactly. in the criminal environment it's beyond a reasonable doubt which is somewhere up in the 90s, so there is a vast difference between the two, and essentially universities are making decisions on a .01 margin of error. >> it's 50% plus a little bit that we believe? >> yes. >> and is this an established principal of a federal guideline or up to an individual university? >> it was mandated in 2011 by the office for civil rights at the department of education, and they decreed that in sexual assault cases the proper standard was preponderance of the evidence, and the problem is if universities don't follow the director, they stand the possibility of losing federal funding. >> so by this you refer to title 9. >> yes. >> and we have reported on title 9 as well. title 9 guarantees them a safe, secure, protected environment by the universities, and from their point of view, universities should lose their funding if they are not protecting women equally. >> absolutely. universities have a very important role to play in this. they need
environment might not be normal midterm environment at all and every member of coping, democrat, republican needs to watch out because running on anti-washington platform could be a big winner no matter who the incumbent is, no matter who the challenger is. >> if you add up the numbers, there are more republicans holding seats right now. so technically that could be more troublesome for republicans. chris. >> i would add, andrea, i think we always focus on the general election because that's what we're talking about, the battle for control and the majority. but mark has got it exactly right. i would say if you're an incumbent, saichl safely democratic or republican seat, if you're an incumbent and someone marginally credible files against you, you need to pay much more attention if these poll numbers are to be believed and i think they are because we've seen lots of data like this. you need to pay more attention. being in washington is already essentially grounds for firing at this point in the eyes of many voters. i think yes the general election, many primaries, a busy primary season if t
of australia's more unusual schools. a couple of full learning environment with a lively classrooms of a lively classrooms of the sort and plenty of teachers. the tourists dropping in soon gather. there are no kids insight. 12-year-old cameron is in year six and lives almost 400 kilometers away on a cattle property across the south australian state border. he says there are plenty of upsides to logging on each day. when the founders of the school decided to take on australia's vast interior in 1951, they did so via radio. usedatellite internet is with an i.t. team to keep the system well oiled. teachers travel sometimes to kids that stay over while families make a long trip to town. >> the kids come in to school and they are very welcome to come in anytime they like. >> for the long periods in between, they step in to send materials back and forth. >> they do their work, they put it in here, and it goes back to the teacher. >> parents say the system works well. the computer technology -- next year head to boarding school but is not keen on the uniform. >> it is very red, isn't it. >> technical
replanted has to adjust to its new environment. that weakens the plants. it is called planting shock. it depends how big the shock is. when it goes into the ground weekend, the likelihood it will survive the shock is even lower. the ground is too tough, uneven, and full of rocks and roots. no easy job for the beginners. i evening, 150 saplings are left unplanted. evening, one hundred 50 saplings are left unplanted. the kitchen crew is waiting. all organic. here another four days after their good deed for the forest. [soft exotic flute music] ♪ captioning and audio description provided by the u.s. department of education. >> bokara: i'm bokara legendre. join me and my guests--scholars and scientists, spiritual teachers and philosophers-- as we explore the boundaries of religion and metaphysics, of science and spirituality. join me and some really fascinating people as we try to figure out what life's all about and how it can have meaning for each one of us.
the retailing environment should be getting better if there is growth coming in the u.s. economy. but the government shutdown hasn't helped the story and some of the retailers are feeling some pain at the moment. so walmart has dragged forward a whole month it internet offering, it has some big deals on the website. there will be seven special deals. including a tv and tablet. so have a look at their website as they pull forward these sales ahead of thanksgiving. >> more deals the better, right? enjoy your monday in london. thank you so much. >>> well, did you enjoy your extra hour this weekend? we want to know what did you do productive or unproductive with your extra hour. tweet us your answers using #way too early. we'll give you the best answers later in the show. i didn't even use mine until last night. i went all day yesterday an hour different than anybody else, but i got the an extra hour's sleep. still ahead, the texans took a three score lead in the first half last night, but then a scary moment clahanged the whol game. and snl isn't shy when it comes to criticism. the
manage that transition so that we don't lose key values and yet have a more stable and secure environment will be very difficult. i think we have a strategy. you could say, perhaps, it's not public enough, but there's larger political influences that are busting and will make it more difficult to achieve. >> laura and then leonard. >> so my only point here is in light of the recent revelations, the regard with encryption, standard setting, the high level of sin -- cynicism overseas, there is very serious opposition to what the united states has done overseas. i was in cambridge at the time this summer. it was remarkable the extent to which the anger towards the united states, and we can often forget that when we are here domestically, but the revelations have been a significant setback, i think, towards diplomatic efforts abroad. now, i think it's just too early to see how that pans out. if it's going to pan out that the united states is able to lead from behind, if it's going to pan out we can regain a leadership position, but we'll see significant fallout internationally on this for som
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. and it's in the context of this dynamic technology environment that the president has directed us to review our surveillance capabilities. >> one report from a german tabloid indicated that president obama knew that the nsa was tapping the phone of the german chance explore he allowed it to continue, again, german tabloid, a spokeswoman for the agency says that is simply not true. and "the wall street journal" reports the nsa stop monitoring chancellor merkel and other leaders after a white house review uncovered the operations. "the wall street journal" again. meanwhile, a state department spokeswoman says our ambassador to spain met with officials there to discuss reports that the nsa tracked more than 60 million phone calls in that country in one month. dana perino was the press secretary under george w. bush, the 43rd, president bush, 43, and this was happening under bush 43rd. >> i suppose. i don't get the outrage. i don't. i can mott believe the white house said we're going to have to curtail our operations, our intelligence, because they were embarrassed over a report. ther
not exist in some sort of isolated environment. >> reporter: political analyst, larry gerston, says what's good for san jose has to be good for other cities. he says luring employees and managers from one city to another is nothing new. still, san jose shouldn't get upset when other cities are poaching its cops. >> as long as everyone is competing for these people, everyone has to be a big boy and girl about it and realize what goes one way can go the other. >> reporter: while san jose police would not talk about this policy on camera, they did say the intent was never to lure new recruits away from other cities. licardo thinks the police policy is a good one. >> we should continue to encourage our officers to be out there talking to other officers, who may be interested in a career here in san jose. we know that's happening in every city in the bay area. >> reporter: to which critics say don't get mad when other cities do it to you. we have reported that roughly 17 new recruits have graduated from the police academy last month in san jose. either have one foot out the door or have alrea
environment so we can be able to see them and learn about them. >> they're really big fish, usually kept in small quarters. doesn't seem right. >> it tells the story of a veteran seaworld trainer dragged into the water and drown by a killer whale she was working with in 2010. >> the whale lanchs onto her and took her under. >> now former trainers believe killer whales should be released back into the wild or retired to sea pens. why do you think they're still in captivity? >> well, there's dollars to be made. and you know, big draw for these facilities that have them. >> it's a business. >> it's a business. >> seaworld declined our request for an interview, but did provide a statement, saying in part, the film fails to mention seaworld's commitment to the safety of its team members and guests and to the care and welfare of its animals, as demonstrated by the company's continual refinement and improvement toiliti its killer facilities, equipment, and procedures. seaworld brings in about $1.5 billion a year. and supporters say millions of visitors are not just entertained but educated and
responding to what customers want but first and foremost insuring we have a safe environment. >> reporter: an faa investigative committee found the vast majority of planes can tolerate radio interference from electronic devices. it's now up to each and individual airline to come up with its own policy for faa approval. that means by the end of the year all of us should be able to use electronic devices from take off to landing but in airplane mode. delta airlines says it's ready starting tomorrow if the faa approves its plan. >> anything you hang on to, your e-readers, your tablets, those will be able to be on your lap and used gate to gate. >> reporter: it was welcome news at gate d-12 in miami today where stan lacey was multitasking waiting to fly home to sacramento. >> i tell them to power it down. if they say it is safe that is when it is safe. >> reporter: so this is good news for you. >> it's great news. >> reporter: you don't have to be a cop anymore. while cell connections need to stay off, you need to connect to the plane's wi-fi system which the airlines charge for. and there's
with the children. and make sure they are going to be in a safe environment. >> the father was arrested late last week for an unrelated incident. it was during that time he told the arresting officer about his family's hardship. in trying to do good deed, officer ended up arresting the child's mother as well. >>> cashier in walnut creek was robbed at gun point. the suspect got away with a small amount of crash. as they report, not before the investigators got a hold of the picture. >> day after being robbed, the tooty fruity shop, off the palos verdes mall is closed. a sign up front, it is shutting down for a few days, after police say, this man, seen in the surveillance photo robbed the cashier at gun point just before 6:00 saturday evening. >> the suspect, white male in his twenty eats, has -- 20s, has just come in. purchased some yogurt. when the employee opened the till, grabbed money from the till, demanded the money. at one point, fled the cash and crash. >> the employee was working alone at the time and no other customers were in the yogurt shop. lieutenant jay hill, the employee also a yo
growth, low yielding and low revenue environment. we will see more of that going forward, cost-cutting and higher earnings but lower revenues. connell: thedea of do more with less is not exclusive to financial service companies. you look at how they're doing today, for the most part they are higher. you mention something that is key. this search for yield, everybody wants to find it, it is hard to find with the rates as low as they have been, the treasury market so where do you go now? >> unfortunately my best bet is what everybody else is best bet also. the equity market. that is where all the money is going to. are we concerned? are we concerned with floating down and economy? maybe. or concerned with tapering of qe3? there is no place to go but the equity market and that is what we are seeing. everyone is looking at and watching it waiting to buy the pullback and that is what we are seeing. this uptrend is in effect. connell: you think that is the thing that finally slows down the stock market, and if so, when we finally see it? >> that is my bet. it is going be taping. the
on the environment and people's lives. >> and welcome back to al jazeera america. here are the top stories this sunday night. a critical part of the affordable care act went down tonight. unclear how long it will take to fix that problem. >>> the syrian government has met an ambitious deadline, coming three days early, a critical step to eventually destroy syria's arsenal. >>> rock leader lou reed passed away at the age of 71. his agent said his death was related to a recent liver transplant. >>> nsa's strained transatlantic ties. a german magazine claims that the u.s. was tapping angela merkel's cell phone for more than a decade. >> when president obama spoke at brandenburg gate this summer, the u.s. was already facing tough questions about its sphainsurveillance programs. >> our current programs are bound by the rule of law and they're focused on threats to our security not the communications of ordinary persons. >> but apparently, the u.s. had been focused on the communications of official persons. der spiegel said that the nsa used high tech antenna to spy on government officials. gebl
'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> last night, "60 minutes" revealed the terrorist attack in benghazi was a planned sophisticated operation run by al qaeda. wow who knew? this is called breaking news to people who can't find fnc on their remotes. >> al qaeda has stated their intent in an online posting, saying they would attack the red cross, the british and then the americans in benghazi. >> and you watched as they -- >> as they attacked. >> and the british mission, and the only ones left -- >> were us. they made good on two out of the three promises. it was a matter of time until they captured the third one. >> and washington was aware of that? >> they knew we monitored it. they knew we included that in our reports to both state department and dod. i made it known in a meeting. you are going to get attacked. you are going to get attacked in benghazi. it's going to happen. >> while it's a relief to see cbs wake up, you got to remember if it took so long and if it matters at this point. it matters because they're
rush for marijuana instead of gold at a cost to our environment. >> it doesn't just impact our state. these are our national treasures. our national forrests and national parks. >> just this week, diane fine stin urged the environmental protection agency to step in and fight the environmental dpaj caused by pot growers in the central valley. but it's not just happening there. it's happening throughout the state. . >> what caused yesterday's collision of two sky dive planes in wisconsin. today the wreckage of the plane that was crashed was removed. all 11 people from both planes survived the accident. aircraft were flying at 12,000 feet, seconds away from the final jump of the day. suddenly those plane kos lieded and one plane's wing were sheered off. the sky divers jumped but said they were still in a lot of trouble. >> the sky divers, we live for the excitement, but tonight was a little bit over the top. we had a couple of airplanes that decided to take up the same sar space as we were climbing oit. >> more security than ever before for the new york city marathon today. the race dre
for the environment. as government officials our highest duty is to protect the national security, including the confidentiality of confidential information. we have a critically important obligation to protect individuals performing work on behalf of federal agencies from workplace violence. in recent years with congress' help, we have taken a number of important actions to strengthen protections of both nurt information and the physical security of federal facilities such as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of background investigations, and strengthening the processes by which agencies make national security and suitability determinations. we must ensure those processes and the processes for granting or revoking access to facilities and information systems fully mitigate risks. we have a multisector work force, comprised of military, civilian, and contractor personnel. we work to ensure robust vetting policies and policies are applied to all individuals with access to federal facilities, networks, or classified information in a consistent manner. this approach reflects two import
led by the assistant secretary of the navy for the environment. as government officials our highest duty is to protect the -- we established the washington navy yard recovery task force led by the assistant secretary of the navy for the environment. as government officials our highest duty is to protect the national security, including the confidentiality of confidential information. we have a critically important obligation to protect individuals performing work on behalf of federal agencies from workplace violence. in recent years with congress' help, we have taken a number of important actions to strengthen protections of both national security information and the physical security of federal facilities such as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of background investigations, and strengthening the processes by which agencies make national security and suitability determinations. we must ensure those processes and the processes for granting or revoking access to facilities and information systems fully mitigate risks. we have a multisector work force, comprised of military,
memory. we are in an environment when the next thing happens, everybody jumps on to the next thing. it depends whether more allegations come out. that's really going to be the primary determining factor and whether or not the president forcefully steps up and says look, this is what we're going to do to rectify this, which i think he will. >> hopefully the president's listening to you this morning and will do that. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> mitt romney is slamming president obama over the affordable care act. the former republican presidential candidate said he's unhappy about how the president is comparing the rollout of the federal plan with a similar law he signed as governor of massachusetts. >> in massachusetts, we phased in the requirements so that there was a slow rollout. that way you could test the systems as you went looking for glitches. perhaps the most important lesson the president failed to learn was you have to tell the american people the truth. when you told the american people that you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that p
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:oakland fire battalion chief lisa baker >> environment and there is only one way in and one way outwe had some cars that actually tried to turn around and go out" >> reporter:once the fire started the tunnel quickly filled with smokeimpacting 8 people who needed medical attentionsays chp officer daniel hill >>"there were no injuries in this situationchildren that were in the tunnel at the time" >> reporter:the driver of the burned vehicle also made it out safely >>"it was scary yeah" oakland and orinda fire fighters teamed up to battle the blazewhich burned for about 30minutes before it was tottaly extinguished >> reporter:fans inside the tunnel were activatedblowing the smoke out clearing the air for driversmany of whom were stuck in stand still traffic for nearly 2- hoursbefore the eastbound lanes were reopenthe cause of the car fire is still under investigationoutside the caldecott tunnel on hwy 24 haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine: our team coverage continues now with a look at the big traffic back-up that followed. we have video from our helicopterartnership with abc 7. the eastbound l
're introducing many, many more weapons into an airport environment. with people who probably are not going to have quite as much training or ability as the local police officers who get expensive training. so you know, the question in this is i think for my mind, isn't so much whether tsa should be armed. think the decisions is for them not to be. the question if they're not armed and if the police know it, where are the police? it is incumbent on the police to have enough officers there, to back them up. because those tsa officers are the first line of inspection before someone goes to the boarding and departure areas of aircraft. that's the issue here, that ciancia had time to shoot the first tsa officer. take an escalator up, take an escalator down, shoot again and there's still no officer in sight. >> we want to take a moment to talk about the victims of the shooting. tsa officer durado hernandez was shot at point-blank range as he stood near his checkpoint in terminal 3 at l.a.x. he is the first tsa officer to die in the line of duty. his wife said he took pride in serving the america
room. and all of them said to me, look, we feel like this locker room has a very good environment. and in fact, one of the players went so far as to say he loved richie incognito. and he said that was richie just being richie probably and would like richie to be back on the team. so right now the dolphins preparing for a game week from sunday, monday, against tampa bay. that's their focus, they say, and most of them saying they would welcome both players back to the team. >> all right. thanks very much, john zarrella. and i want to give everybody an update on gary kubiak. a statement says he's going to be in the hospital for at least the next day. the 52 year old fell to his knees as you can see there. right as they were going off during the game. obviously an emergency situation there. the team did not elaborate what might be wrong with him. he was dizzy and light-headed. >>> out front next, did police just miss stopping the lax shooter. >>> and a man ready to suit up for the united states military. we have an amazing report. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two bi
these rules now, and some people are getting knocked off. in this political environment that's a personal policy challenge for anyone who's being hassled by this. they might even realize in a year or two they liked their plan better. it's either the same amount of money, a little less or not so much more. but at the moment it's a personal hassle on something that's incredibly personal to you, your health care. for republicans it's t ball. >> charles, it could cost some people more money. they might get subsidies. >> it will cost some people less money. that i think is the bigger failure here, which is that you want to disclose why you're on offense. you don't want to have to make up for it when you're on defense. now you're on defense and somebody else has brought this to the public attention and they're having to deal with this on defense. that's not the position that the administration wants to be in the president could very easily have said -- and this would not have been a big deal to say, the vast majority of americans will be able to keep their health care as it exists now under oba
force led by the assistant secretary of the navy for energy installations and environment. as government officials are highest duties to protect the national security including the confidentiality of classified information. simultaneously we have a critically important obligation to protect individuals performing work on behalf of federal agencies from workplace violence. we seniors with congress's help we have taken a number of important actions to strengthen protections of both national security information and the physical security at federal facilities such as improving the effectiveness of the since he backed down investigations and strengthening the processes by which agencies make national security a suitability determination. we must ensure those processes and the processes for granting or revoking access to facilities and information systems fully mitigate risks. we have a multisector workforce comprised military civilian and contractor personnel could we have worked to ensure that robust vetting policies are applied to all and officials with access to federal facilities network
a big ipo this week of twitter as well. that is really the environment we are in here overall as far as the major market averages. steel stocks are doing so well on analyst upgrade over at goldman sachs. up for the .5%, steel up 3% on the day today. goldman sachs raised for example putting still dynamics to a buy from a sell. it shifted its rating. it was cautious originally but now the standout stocks that are worth keeping an eye on and buying as they say. adam: thank you, nicole. lori: a live look at the u.s. attorney's office in new york where in moments they are going to unveil insider trading plea deal with sac capital capping a multiyear insider-trading probe. we will bring you this live. charlie gasparino also on hand when the attorney general speaks. adam: we want to bring you the latest developments on blackberry. dennis kneale has been covering this. is this a surprise? dennis: it is a shocker. now it was down 16%. the whole thing is what if they had a buyout and nobody even showed up? those stocks selling off on that because the buyout is over and replacing the ceo. it is
there in the environment. >> what if you like rodents. >> you are holding a rescued animal. that's one of over 23,000 animals that seaworld rescued during the last nearly 50 years. >> what's this guy's name? >> chicklet. he hit a car in northern virginia and taken to a rehab place there. unfortunately, because of damage to his left eye, he was not able to be released. so now he's an ambassador for his species. >> it's a better job. >> yeah, it's a great job. >> consistent pay. >> they're not related, are they? >> n. this is a screech owl, full grown. this is one of the largest species of owls. just beautiful. >> where do they thrive? what part of the country? >> the screech owls are found pretty much widespread throughout the eastern part of the united states. there is the western screech owl. owls are in every continent except antarctica. >> there was a screech on the set earlier because you thought it was a fake tarantula but it was real. >> it is. we have some of those to show you right now. >> i didn't realize there were 900 species for varieties of tarantulas? >> yeah. >> let's meet a few. w
. they have the role of investigating crimes. in today's threat environment some expectations of preventing attacks as well. and george, you mentioned there's a cognizant effort to try to do it within the realm of protecting civil liberty. there's a history of cases where some of those have been abused and so checks are put in place. i would like that ask you, your perspective on where those checks are effective or where you might have some concerns. sure. i mean, there are a lot of checks nut place and obviously some less effective than others. i think with the nsa programs we're seeing a lot of checks that are proven ineffective. traditionally, there's the -- a warrant requirement set up no warrant shall issue but on probably cause. a requirement of individualized suspicious before private information is gathered. and the shift to a more universal collection mechanism requires the bypassing. so whether that's through the bulk warrant that issue through fisa courts or through programs that gather large amount of data outside any kind of warnlt. -- warrant. but that model seems to be an ine
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contentious environment after news reports surfaced that martin bullying and suffering mental distress the coach read another statement on friday saying bullying won't be tolerated. >> we have a culture of team first and accountability andd respect for one another. >> reporter: players and sports reporters say hazing and practical jokes in football locker rooms are commonplace. adam beasley of the miami herald says martin's response is highly unusual. >> it's against the cardinal rule you cannot leave your teammates particularly in the season. >> reporter: but a doctor, a psychiatrist, says bullizing a serious matter, not just limited to children. >> it doesn't matter how big you are and it doesn't matter how tough you are. emotionally, anybody can be bullies. >> reporter: the nfl players association is now reportedly reviewing the martin incident and considers it a major priority. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. >>> now here is lester. >> thanks. >>> forget black friday. one of the nation's lars retailers says the time to start your holiday shopping is now or even yesterday
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. and sisco, the one with an "s," not the "c." reported a penny above estimates, the market environment was challenging for the customers during the course of the quarter. >> i find that so confusing. someone should change. >> all right. let's -- >> let's make it easier. >> let's get back to our guest host jim bullard. were we done with our inflation conversation? people got kind of -- a lot of people are tweeting about it and talking about that now. have you always -- have you changed recently and become even -- this is almost like a new theory that you have at this point, i think. don't we always think it's different this time? i mean, volcker had to come in and save this, uyou know, save the entire world because we let it get out of control last time. i'm talking about inflation. >> i think it could happen again and i have been worried about it. yeah, absolutely. >> there's global deflationary forces that have given you guys cover. >> yes, global deflationary forces. what is going on? what's driving that deflationary process. i think that's been -- >> what -- >> low inflationary. >>
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